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  • Creativity for Engineers / Innovative Engineering
    This course shows how engineers, technical professionals and managers can boost their individual problem solving creativity and the creativity of their group and organization. The course synthesizes for the first time, powerful techniques from a diverse range of disciplines, including: Psychology, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and the Theory of Inventive problem Solving (TIPS/TRIZ) to create a unique, effective and structured approach for creative problem solving.
  • The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - TIPS / TRIZ
    This course provides a thorough introduction to the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TIPS, or in its Russian acronym TRIZ, is a revolutionary new way of improving the creativity of engineers in solving problems of design and invention. Based on the work of the Russian engineer and scientist Henry Altshuller, the TRIZ methodology can dramatically increase your ability to solve engineering problems by making breakthrough solutions at the conceptual level.
  • e-Commerce: Tools, Technologies and Resources
    The internet is dramatically impacting the way business is being conducted by both large and small companies. This course provides the basis for understanding and taking advantage of this exciting new technology. It presents an overview of electronic commerce, its benefits and opportunities and related web tools and resources. We will demo setting up an electronic store on the web, surf sample e-Commerce sites and learn about some of the new technologies behind the e-Commerce revolution. The course will also survey web-based informational, computational, marketing and communication resources on the web, including a look at the use of virtual reality on the web (think "virtual showrooms" for your products).
  • e-Marketing: Web-Based Marketing for Business
    There are now about ten million web sites on the world wide web, comprising over a billion web pages. How can you take advantage of the tremendous potential of the web as a marketing medium? This course presents a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to effectively promoting your products and services on the web, including web-based merchandizing and attracting an audience for your web site. Many of the concepts discussed will be accompanied with live examples on the internet.
  • Fundamentals of Virtual Reality
    Virtual reality is changing the interface between people and information technology by offering new ways for the communication of information, the visualization of processes and the creative expression of ideas. This course provides the basis for understanding and applying this exciting new technology.
  • Website Design for Engineers
    Creating a web site on the internet or on your company's intranet provides unique opportunities for communication, marketing, training and even electronic commerce. And with today's user-friendly, yet powerful, site building tools, setting up a website can be a simple and straight-forward process. This two-day, lab-based, example-driven course will use Microsoft FrontPage to give you hands-on experience in both the fundamentals and the more advanced aspects of personal and company website design. Emphasis will be placed on techniques, tools and resources of interest to engineers.
  • Knowledge-Based Engineering / Knowledge-Based CAD/CAM
    This course covers the dramatic developments in Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) that have recently become possible through a marriage of traditional CAD/CAM techniques and those from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems. This marriage is producing the next generation of truly intelligent, or Knowledge-Based, CAD/CAM systems. The course surveys examples of these developments as well as the concepts underlying such systems. We include a look at a constraint-based expert system for transmission design recently developed by the instructor for Ford Motor Co., that has automatically produced thousands of patentable new designs.
  • Knowledge-Based Automobile Transmission Design
    This 1-day course looks at how knowledge-based engineering techniques are revolutionizing automobile automatic transmission design. We first survey the necessary background concepts and techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence, expert systems and computational symbolic mathematics. We then take an in-depth look at the expert system for transmission design recently developed by the instructor for Ford Motor Co. This system has automatically produced thousands of patentable new designs and has re-discovered all applicable already-known designs.