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What if your company's top expert never retired, never got sick, never made a mistake, and could think 10,000 times faster?

If your top expert, CEO, manager, research scientist or executive secretary left tomorrow, would your company take a nose dive? Would you have to go back to square one to train someone to fill the gap? How long would that take? After all, if an essential individual is unavailable at a critical time, who can take their place? Who can think like them? Your experts are invaluable. What if you could guarantee that they never retired, never got sick, never got bored and never made another mistake? What if you could even amplify their expertise, by making it more complete and having them think thousands of times faster. Sound utopic? It's not. Read on ....

Knowledge Engineering

Our specially trained personnel -- knowledge engineers -- can elicit information from the valuable people at your company, about both the conscious and unconscious steps that make up the strategies they employ to make decisions, solve problems, or develop new products and services. Once a strategy is elicited, it becomes easy to teach it to another individual, or even program it onto a computer.

Your organization can now have two or more individuals who use the identical expert strategy for decision making, creativity and problem solving. Your company's invaluable knowledge resources can be captured, stored, transferred, multiplied and automated. If your expert gets ill, leaves or changes roles, his or her unique knowledge and strategies remain on the job -- for solving problems and for training new employees. Your expert could in effect even be available simultaneously at all your company sites, nationally or internationally. And if this expertise is computerized, your expert can be on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. And, such computer-based experts (expert systems) never get bored, never get tired, never get sick, never ask for a raise and can work thousands of times faster than their human counterparts.

One of our systems, developed for Ford Motor Co., automates the expertise of top-level transmission design engineers. It has automatically discovered tens of thousands of patentable new transmission designs. In another application, we extracted the thousands of decision rules required to select the forms needed for financial transactions made by banks. Our expert system is now tirelessly doing the work, 24 hours a day, of a whole team of human form-selection experts.

IntelliGineering Corp.

At IntelliGineering Corp. we apply the techniques of Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems to capture and automate knowledge and problem-solving strategies for industry and business. We provide knowledge acquisition services, custom expert system development, courses, seminars as well as training and tutoring, on Knowledge Engineering and the enhancement of human creativity. Our courses include "Knowledge-Based CAD/CAM" and "Innovative Engineering" -- sponsored respectively by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Founder and President

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